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Principal's Message

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 Impact Aid  Impact Aid Survey Coming Soon!

A simple equation:  This Form + Your Signature = Federal $ for LPS students! 

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Morning Announcements

Important - Schedule Change: We will be holding our annual Mix it Up Day on Tuesday, October 31st. Students will work on an advisory activity over the next couple of weeks to prepare. On Mix it Up Day, students and staff are encouraged to "Mix up" what they wear. Remember, whatever you wear  must be in accordance with the LMS dress code. There will also be a raffle for one lucky student to be principal for a day!

SASS will meet after school tomorrow.

ENCORE will meet after school on Wednesday.

The deadline is coming up! - The Prudential Spirit of Community Award is America’s largest youth recognition program based solely on volunteer service.  It recognizes students who have participated in meaningful activities for their communities. Students who have done so over the past year are invited to fill out an online application at or by November 7. The application may then be submitted to Mr. Pomroy. The school’s top volunteer (if he/she has met a minimum number of volunteer hours) will become eligible to win $1,000 and an all-expenses paid trip with a parent or guardian to Washington, D.C.

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